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After university and being thrust into the real world Greg found a home volunteering at PPI, a small camera rental house in Vancouver. This was a great place to learn about cameras, be involved in film production and meet various professionals in the film industry.

Through PPI, Greg was able to make contacts, work as a production assistant on commercials, assist and operate on various low budget and independent films and also develop his own small production company shooting commercials and rock videos. While working as a production assistant on commercials, Greg would gravitate towards the camera department helping out assistants when needed. As they took notice it was a quick step into the camera trainee program with IATSE local 669 and then on to being a second assistant. After a couple of busy years of seconding Greg was working on a Movie that took him to Spence Bay, now known as Taloyoak. A lack of accommodations for the cast and crew forced Greg into the positions of loader AND “B” camera focus. Quickly after that Greg found himself in Toronto pulling “A” camera focus on a feature film. After this there was no going back and Greg worked as first assistant for five years on many features, television shows and commercials.

In 1998 a call came in from Director of Photography Tobias Schliessler to do “B” camera on an upcoming pilot. Feeling “benched” as Greg was normally Tobias’s “A” guy he was informed that he was not to pull focus but to operate the camera. The new challenge and opportunity was gladly accepted and Greg’s career as a camera operator was officially under way.

Mastering the craft of operating is no easy task. The balance of composition, camera movement and set politics is and art unto its self. After seven years working solely as a camera operator Greg was ready for a new challenge. Steadicam was that challenge.

After purchasing a Steadicam, Greg spent the next two years practicing. At the same time, Greg was embedded in the television series Stargate - SG1. More like a family, the Stargate franchise afforded Greg the opportunity to put his Steadicam to work starting with second units and then on to main unit. Since then Greg has been working exclusively as a Steadicam operator on feature films, shorts and television shows. For Greg, Steadicam is the ultimate freedom of camera movement.

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